Eda is Colorist, she is expert in Blondes Hair color, Bagaye, and Color Correction also she loves to enhance and compliment her styles with a precise haircut as a Classic A-line Bob, Short Pixie, Long Layered a Beautiful Beachy waves or a Edgy look!! She has worked behind the stage and sales floor in different beauty shows & events around the country. She was working as an Educator for Matrix Color Hair Company, for 6 years and for Gk Hair Keratin/ Ván Tibolli company for 4 years and She is an expert in Keratin Treatment. You can always find Eda getting education, observing, assessing and practicing the latest in hairstyles in New York, California, Chicago & Miami with recognize companies of the Hair Industry as Vidal Saasson Academy, Visionary Icon, Matrix, Goldwell, Oribe, beauty Hot beauty magazine, and more..
Price varies according to the length and color desired.
3 hr 30 m $300
An estimate price will be determined after a personal consultation (face to face) after evaluating the condition of the hair and color goal.
3 hr $0
Full highlight
2 hr $200
Price varies depending on length and density of the hair.
30 m $40
I am a Great Lenghts certified. Price varies according to the type of extensions and length.
3 hr 30 m $0
I Use Gk Keratin.Final price will be determined based on length and density.
2 hr $250
Together we will create a customized hair style and teach you to duplicate it at home, as well recommending you the proper product for the haircut.
45 m $40
Men's Color Blending
30 m $50
Partial Highlight
1 hr $100
Color price bases on a 4-6 week re-touching color previously done by EV
1 hr 45 m $80
Price based on a color touch up and framing color accent
2 hr $125
Final price will be determined bases on length and style.
1 hr $75
Final price will be determined bases on length and technique. .
2 hr $150
I always add gloss to this process Final price will be determined bases on length and density of the hair.
2 hr 30 m $160
Bridal hair up-dos required trial prior to date of the service
1 hr $100
Every shampoo and style includes a deep conditioning base on the hair needs. And the price varies according of the length of the hair.
45 m $50
Bang Trim
15 m $10

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