Blonde Specialist•• I love balayage, and natural-looking color•• My goal for you- beautiful, healthy, low maintenance hair that works for you and your lifestyle•• Working with hair since 2009•• (Ohio>>Florida)•• Message for appointments•• Hello! I’m Katie, and I would love to take care of you and your hair. I specialize in blondes- but come one, come all! Since being here in South Florida, the number one complaint I hear is that no one can seem to find anyone to take care of their blonde! I also hear far too often how many of you have felt out of control while you were in the chair, how you have been cut too short, colored in ways you didn’t prefer, or even felt taken advantage of when it came to cost. I’m here to listen to everything you need, or even rehabilitate the hair that has been through trauma! Let’s get your hair to it’s best. While most of my clients are blondes who want to be blonder, who want to look natural, who want to be low maintenance with a soft grow out, or who like to naturally enhance what they have- I also can take care of you beautiful brunettes as well! I love to play with balayage, and all types of lived in, natural color. And as far those of you struggling with stubborn grays- I’ve got you covered. Did I mention I have curly hair as well? So any of you out there are also struggling with frizz- I would love to help you embrace your natural look, or hook you up with a Keratin treatment to make your life easier. I’m here to make your hair work for you and what’s best for your lifestyle. Your hair should empower you, not frustrate you- and I would love to be the person who can help make that happen for you. Please message me as I do not book online- I want to make sure your appointment is perfect. Looking forward to meeting you!
Men’s Haircut
45 m $45
Neck Trim
30 m $25
Women’s Haircut
1 hr $60
Dry Haircut, w/o Style
45 m $45
Single Re-touch Color
1 hr 15 m $60
Single Process + Blowout
1 hr 30 m $95
With curls or flat iron
1 hr $45
45 m $35
Partial Highlight
1 hr 45 m $90
Full highlight
2 hr $130
Partial Highlight + Blowout
2 hr $125
Partial Highlight + Haircut
2 hr 15 m $150
Full Highlight + Blowout
2 hr 15 m $165
Full Highlight + Haircut
2 hr 30 m $190
Single-process color + Haircut
2 hr $120
Mini Retouch
45 m $35
30 m $35

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