Like anything, beautiful takes time to blossom and bloom, and Vanouche has learned to apply this concept to her work.  Vanouche envisions L'ambiance Divine as a place for individuals who just need some time to unwind and forget about the cares of the world for just a little while.  Vanouche strives to provide the ambiance of relaxation, peace and inner calmness as she enhances your natural beauty through various beauty treatments that she offers at L'ambiance Divine.  So if you desire a place to enhance your outer beauty and tap into your place of inner peace, L'ambiance Divine is here for you!

Diamond Microdermabrasion
1 hr $220
Chemical Peels
1 hr $200
Firming Peptide
1 hr $210
Triple Berry Brightening
1 hr $210
Vitamin Infusion
1 hr $210
1 hr $210
Mini Masculine
1 hr $110
Express Facial
30 m $210
Alpha/Beta Peel
1 hr $210
1 hr $230
Back Treatment
1 hr $120
This service includes the lashes
15 m $30
Single Lashes Full Set
30 m $75
Single Lashes Refill
30 m $20
Remove lashes
15 m $20
Eyebrow Tint
30 m $40

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