Elina Organics holistic clinical skincare is a fresh meal for your skin. For over twenty years, Elina Organics products have been lovingly created with the finest and most pure organic ingredients. Elina formulates & manufactures each product to deliver essential nutrients deep into the live skin cells and support the skins’ protective properties and microbiome at the same time. Thousands of glowing complexions throughout the world prove the results of Elina Organics Skincare. Enjoy a complimentary consultation! All facials are 100% organic and are customized for your unique complexion. All protocols are signature to Elina Organics and created by Elina Fedotova. All Elina Organics estheticians are highly trained and have been with the company for 5+ years. Featured on TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, FORBES, ALLURE, SHAPE, Chicago Magazine, CS MAGAZINE, ROLLING STONE, E!, THE ZOE REPORT Elina Organics was awarded "Best Facial of Chicago" by Chicago Magazine, "Best Facial for Glowing Skin" by CS Magazine, "Chicago's Best Facial" by Chicago Travel Guide, and featured in the Chicago Tribune. Elina Organics products have won DERMASCOPE Magazine Aestheticians' Choice Awards in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. DAYSPA Magazine Award winner in 2020. Elina Fedotova's latest Interview with Modern Luxury Palm Beach 10/2021: Skin expert Elina Fedotova has mastered the art of skincare routines, with award-winning organic facial treatments. Because Florida deserves state-of-the-art and award-winning skin, waxing and hair coloring treatments, Fedotova has established Elina Organics (elinaorganics.com). We sat down with Fedotova to hear more about her new studio. What inspired you to bring your studio to the area? I am genuinely in love with swimming, especially in the ocean. As much as I love the Midwest, where Elina Organics headquarters is located, I wanted a place where my staff and I could enjoy tropical weather and beautiful beaches to break up the winter. I was familiar with the Fort Lauderdale area because I traveled there to conduct my training events for skin care professionals who carry my products in South Florida. Pristine beaches, warm, clean ocean, and friendly people make it an ideal choice for our new location. In addition to this, we have many spa clients spend the wintertime in south Florida. To continue their skincare regimen, many of our clients were regularly flying back to Elina Organics spas in Michigan or Chicago to receive facials during the winter. They won’t have to do it anymore because their favorite estheticians will come to serve them at the sparkling Pompano Beach. What treatment will clients love most? At Elina Organics, we have an extensive menu of signature treatments like our Crushed Amber Rejuvenating Facial, Complete Corrective Herbal Facial, and Elina Organics Gemstone Facial. Our clients receive personalized skin care services based on their unique complexion and goals with any treatment they choose. Our estheticians are trained to adjust protocols and products during the treatment to deliver specific results. Each facial service includes deep cleansing, hydra vacuuming, pore purifying, and a series of custom, bio-energized serums, natural acid or enzyme peels, and freshly made masks delivered into the live skin cells using the use of the latest, holistic skincare equipment like Bio-Adaptive Microcurrent and rejuvenating Phototherapy devices. I am constantly conducting research and introducing new products and services. So usually, the most popular are the latest treatments such as the Organic Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatment, Bio-Adaptive Micro-Current Face Contouring & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, and Mermaid Face Lift Treatment. Between these services, sometimes clients like to come in for additional, shorter treatments specific areas like the lips or eyes to achieve desired results even faster. How do you believe this will be popular among the area? I am positive that the holistic, clinical skincare treatments we offer will be loved in Florida because we have been overwhelmingly popular for the last 25 years in Michigan and Chicago. We have received many awards such as Best Facial of Chicago by Chicago Magazine and others. For over two decades, we have served clients from the television and movie industries. Many Floridians love to play in the sun. That is why they will specifically enjoy our holistic treatments that will help restore their skin from excessive UV exposure and prevent and correct premature signs of aging. Elina Organics products and protocols for acne and rosacea have received national recognition, so I believe we will be able to balance every inflamed complexion and teen skin in Florida as well. What do you love most about what you do? I always loved formulating and working in the lab, it is my meditative time, but most of all, I love to work directly with people by helping them look and feel better. We all know that beauty is more than skin deep, and for years I felt very honored to work on people’s skin and be a part of their life. It is amazing to share the excitement with my clients to see real results on their faces after facials. How does your studio differentiate from others? In 2007, I founded the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners to draw the line between the conventional and holistic beauty approaches. We provide training for estheticians seeking education in holistic skincare and health. Each Elina Organics esthetician is not only trained to deliver skin care treatments, but they are truly holistic practitioners who can encourage and help clients to pursue a healthier lifestyle. They also provide Reiki and other energy balancing techniques during every facial to reduce stress and rejuvenate not only the surface but the entire person to make sure the client leaves completely relaxed and balanced.
Complete Corrective Herbal Facial - Awarded Best Facial of Chicago! This facial will benefit every complexion and includes deep cleansing, extractions, vacuuming, natural acid peel, customized botanical masks, serums, and face massage.
1 hr 30 m $150
Mermaid Face Rejuvenating Treatment - This hydrating skin nourishing treatment with crushed sea pearls and natural peptides includes electrophoresis and bio-adaptive micro-current. It is beneficial for dry and sun-damaged complexions.
1 hr 30 m $150
Organic Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion Treatment - You will notice a visible improvement after your first treatment with this specific blend of organic micro-crystals, which will firm and brighten your skin. It is more beneficial for an aging complexion.
1 hr 30 m $180
Tender Beam Bio-Light Guasha Treatment - This rejuvenating photo-therapy facial includes customized botanical serums, masks, and bio-light guasha massage with blue, green, and red Tender Beams. It will benefit every complexion.
1 hr 30 m $235
Elina Organics Gemstone Facial - During this corrective skincare procedure, your skin will receive potent bioenergized infusions of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and gold, along with rejuvenating face massage.
1 hr 30 m $150
Bio-Adaptive Micro-Current Face Contouring & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
2 hr $235
Crushed Amber Rejuvenating Facial
2 hr $150
Skin Rescue Facial
2 hr $150
RF Skin Firming Treatment with Natural Peptides
2 hr $150
Organic Hydro-Therapy Facial
2 hr $130
100% Botanical Permanent Hair Coloring (lasts 6-8 weeks)
1 hr $100
Nina Bianchi

Elina organics is the best facial I have ever received. The esthetician’s are so trained and truly educate you on your skin and give you a very detailed home regimen suggestion, without being pushy. They truly care about the health of their clients skin. I love that every product they use is 100% organic but they really really work! She has amazing equipment options as well. I love the skincare products and have really noticed improvement in my skin. I am so excited for my next facial!

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