Lavender Rainn Spa joined the beauty and skincare industry in 2021, serving a diverse clientele with facials, body wraps, body scrubs, skincare, and lymphatic massage. We noticed that there was something missing in the skincare industry in Florida— holistic skincare. Where many spas are focused on quick fixes, short term results or using potentially toxic and damaging products— we wanted to open a spa that provided mind-blowing results while also nourishing your skin, health and body from the inside out. With having a deep passion for health, wellness, and beauty Lavender Rainn Spa uses only the cleanest, vegan, cruelty free products with an Ayurvedic touch in every service. Here at Lavender Rainn Spa, we believe health is the most important thing for our clients, staff and loved ones; we offer healthier and holistic alternatives to potentially toxic or damaging treatments and discuss ways to reduce acne, heal your dry/damaged skin, reduce cellulite and varicose veins without resorting to the most extreme option— surgery. We specialize in more than just luxurious, hydrated and healthy skin, we also specialize in working with your lymphatic system (a type of massage that helps move your lymphatic fluid to reduce swelling, bloating, feelings of fatigue, exhaustion and improve your immune system). We end our sessions with a personalized action plan to help our clients lead healthier and more holistic lives. We aim to provide the highest quality service and products available and guarantee that you will walk out of the spa feeling your absolute best inside and out.

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