Using Tuel 100% vegan plant extracts skincare line this facial will help to maintain your skin balanced; healthy ;dewy.(no extractions)
1 hr $100
Alpha/Beta Peel
1 hr 15 m $0
UltraSound wave vibrations create a mild exfoliation and push in vital nutrients to reveal healthier skin
1 hr $135
Tiny needles are used to create micro wounds and allow the skin to re texturize.
1 hr 15 m $200
Using diamond tips to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores this service will leave skin glowing
1 hr 15 m $155
Pressurized stream of saline and actives is used to reveal healthier skin
1 hr 15 m $175
using current similar to our own heat is generated and tissues contract which in turn skin becomes firm and existing collagen protein is stimulated.
1 hr $175
Low level alternating current used to sculpt; firm facial muscles and promote circulation which will stimulate production of collagen.
1 hr $150
LED Light Therapy
30 m $0
30 m $0
Custom Facial
1 hr 15 m $0
Teen Skin Treatment
1 hr $95
45 m $175
Brow Contour
30 m $35
Brow/Lash Tint Bar
15 m $20
Eye Makeup
30 m $65
Bridal Services
Bridal Makeup Application
1 hr $150

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